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I am looking for a recommendations on a Gravity Gun, or HVLP i believe. I had been using a binks gun that was high pressure (with the paint bottle on the bottom of the gun) and recently seen a gravity gun in action and its seems to be exactly what i need.

I only paint chassis, steel bumpers or steel tubing, and sheet metal using primer, base and sometimes clear coat. So far Ive seen DeVibiss as a good brand. I am looking for something under 200.00. Im not sure I understand the difference between a set of 3 guns for under 99.00 the mid range 200 or top of the line 500.00.

My usage would be minimal once a month would be about right, im setup with a large compressor, regulator and water reduction in the lines already but i assume pressure is really not an issue with this type of gun.

Thank you for any help.

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Pressure is not an issue (if you have it ;-) ) but air volume is. Sounds like you have that covered as well...but worth checking the gun requirements against what your compressor can supply.

Regarding the gun choice, do a quick search here on the words DeVilbiss recommendation or gun recommendation

Example, here's a thread with some lively discussion: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16308

When searching, it's always good to go to "advanced search" and try both the normal search and the custom Google search for the site.

I've always been skeptical about the "three guns for $100" deals. DeVilbiss makes some decent guns in your price range. If you paint once a month that's enough to warrant a good gun...don't skimp...


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after reading seems the direction is iwata lph 400 but a bit out of my price range...

found this one for 200 ish..any feedback on this one? is this a true HVLP?

DeVilbiss DEV FLG-647-WB

Devilbiss FinishLine Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit - Waterborne

FinishLine 3 HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun with a 1.3mm Fluid Tip and 20 oz. Acetal Cup
Additional 1.5mm and 1.8mm Fluid Tips
HAV-501 Air Regulator with Gauge
High grade stainless steel needle & nozzle
Gun Body is anodized blue inside and out, making it ideal for waterborne or solvent based paints and makes it easy to clean

Used in Multiple Industries such as Automotive, Industrial and Wood Working! The included 1.3, 1.5, and 1.8mm Fluid Tips will allow you to spray a wide spectrum of coatings! You'll be able to Acheive Professional Spraying Performance with Basecoats, Clearcoats, Single Stage, Sealers, 2K Primers and More! Can be used with a 3 HP compressor, and 23 psi inlet pressure yields 10 psi at the cap. This spray gun offers many of the advantages of the more expensive DeVILBISS GTI Millennium Gun, enabling you to sacrifice on price, but not on the quality of spray.

Also is there any spect that i know for sure its a hvlp

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With your budget I would go with this....cause it comes with a 1 liter cup. and different tips. ... EV+FLG-654
buy the liners and that will tap you out ... OMX-70-K48
Then save up to buy this and use the FLG for primer with the 1.8 tip. ... -670-NOCUP
The cups interchange.
You won't be sorry :D

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Thank you I pulled the trigger on this one ... EV+FLG-654

i ordered it and its already here, nice piece out of the box, my first project will be some sheet metal, using primer any suggestion on the nozzle to use?

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Got it, the manual, that always helps
1.8 for Primers and medium viscosity.

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What a difference, this gun is great and easy to use. Seems like everything else Ive painted with was a waste of time.

Had a little issue with dripping off the bat but that was just an adjustment with the needle, after that thing is perfect.

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