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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. My name is Brian. Hello :)

I have been reading these boards up and down looking for a few answers. I am doing a complete restore on a toyota. What I am working on now is the valve covers.

I have searched this and other boards for opinions on Duplicolor Engine Enamel. Quite frankly, I am confused. I seem to find people both for and against it. I can confirm the engine enamel clear coat does in fact start to yellow after it dries :(. Does anyone have any recommendations for high temp paint(valve covers, intake mani, etc)?

So here is where I get confused. The instructions say to apply multiple coats within an hour or so of each other, after that you must wait 5+ days. So, if i do primer, say 3 coats. Do I have to let it fully dry for 5 days, and then sand and do my base coat? Or do I let it dry to the touch, and then sand and do my basecoat within that 1-2 hour recoat window? THanks!

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