difference between base and top coat

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hello everyone,
as this is my 1 st post and 1st topic on this site , i need some help from you guys hope i will get good great response

so i actully ordered the chrome fx system fom alsa and in that i got 2 things in the package 1 is the base coat and 2nd is the top coat..........and i am from india i cant order them again and again from us and pay high custom duties and oll that stuff
so i went to a local guy and ask him the diff he said there is no difference both are same ..as they are transparent .and there hardners are also same . i think he is a idiot as i am smart enough as i was confused as the company has said me that basecoat will take 12 hrs to cure and 3 hrs for top coat to cure and i also checked the tds sheet of both the product but there is some difference in the ingredients ................so i need your help so that i can go to that guy again and ask him to give me things which i need ...........any help will be appericiated

here are the tds of topcoat
http://www.alsacorp.com/products/chrome ... 0TH520.pdf

tds of basecoat
http://www.alsacorp.com/products/chrome ... 20B712.pdf

tds of hardner
http://www.alsacorp.com/products/chrome ... 0TH520.pdf

thanx in advance

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those are just msds sheets, they just tell you that you shouldn't drink or smoke this stuff because it may ruin your sex life for good. they don't tell you how to use the product. contact the company direct and ask for teck sheets or data sheets that tell how to us their stuff. :)
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yea they are sick they give me only these sheets and they say dnt use any other base or topcoat,,.......
as they want to makeee there own money.................please guys help me in this

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aactuly there is one more chrome company that use only permalac 2ka and 2kb in base and topcoat......but permalac is not avaialble in india

thanx in advance

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soooooo i think no one can help me in it

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Welcome to the board.

You need to have a little more patience as most folks here are 9.5 (or more) hours behind you ;-)

I read your question a few times and I can't understand exactly what your issue is. You have a base coat product and a clear coat, correct? If you are concerned specifically about the hardener (or activator), there's high probability that the same hardener can be used for both base and clear. The tech sheet may tell you to buy different hardeners but (my opinion) that's usually to help generate revenue.

If you are adding hardener to your base, it's usually only about 5% of the mix. In most cases adding hardener to the base is optional, but sometimes desirable. You will, of course, need reducer for the base -- if they didn't give you that you need to get it.


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thanku chris n as u saying i will wait for the guys so that if anyone can help me here

actully i have orderd a chrome coating system they use a base coat to make the surface even and have a glassy finish then they put a film of chemicals that make it mirror after that to protect that film we have to use the top coat or clear coat
i am confused whts the diff between them as my local dealar said they are same as both of them are trasparent and look like clear and both has a same type of hardner and thiner so thts nt the problem i want to know whts the actual diff in this products so that i can go to my dealer again and pick the rite thing/......... hope understand nw

and i more diff is base needs 12 hrs to cure and topcoat needs only 2-3 hrs
here is some technical knowledge hope it will help


name ........... cas no ..... concentration
n-butyl acetate .......... 123-86-4 .... 25-50
solvent naptha (petroleum),light aroma .......... 64742-95-6 ..... 2.5-10
solvent naptha (petroleum),heavy aroma .......... 64742-92-5 ...... 2.5-10
resin ........... non-hazdrous ..... 25-50


name ........ cas no ....... concentration
ethylbenzene .......... 100-41-4 ........ 1-2.5
xylene,mixture of isomers ......... 1330-20-7 ......... 1-2.5
n-butyl acetate ........ 123-86-4 ......... 25-50
4-hydroxy-4-methylpentan-2-one .......... 123-4-2 ...... 2.5-10
2-methoxy-1-methylethyl acetate ........ 108-65-6 ........ 2.5-10
solvent naptha(petroleum)light aroma ,low ....... 64742-95-6 ........ 2.5-10
PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:22 pm
google chrome or how to spray chorme base coat.
i've read some where online, that, you have to paint what ever your doing black with base/clearcoat. when the clear is set up in a few hours or so, then you spray that chrome base coat, and then clear it.

so it's the same thing, top coat means base, clear, or single stage. undercoats are your sealers, primers. so when they say top coat, they're refering to the base/clearcoat. that's all. but really google it, from what i read, in order to get it to look like chrome you have to spray it a certian way.

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