Fixing White Pearl Base Coat

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:55 pm
I had read that some people wait for the clear to completely de-gas which, if you have a run, could take a little while? I figured I was in no rush so I'd rather give too much time than too little, but if you don't need to give it that much time then I can get it done sooner

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Agree, 2 weeks is an unnecessarily long wait. We do denibbing next day and overall wet sanding the second day. You want the clear cured, but not so hard that it becomes too difficult to get the sanding scratches out.

Don't use blending thinner on base coat. Learn to blend in, rather than out. One of the tricks I use with blends is to mark the masking where I want the blends to be. Even more important on 3 layer pearls and factory candies.

As for doing a SMART repair on a roof, I wouldn't even try.

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