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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 8:01 pm
Today i went to the paint store. I decided since Ive gotten crapy support from the Dupont/nason store , Id go to the PPG colormaster store 7 miles farther.
First off. PPG omni paints seem to be way cheaper than any Nason 70 gallon for primer i was buying.
Now for my questions to verify my step b/c i keep reading lots of info and everybody is suggesting different things.
1st: The Paintstore guy Said i can use the (MP180)PPG omni Expoxy primer as my sealer.. Is this right? wouldnt it be called a sealer. I thought most sealers were a 1 step process.
2nd: When you guys keep saying 2k what are u referring too? a form that uses a Catlyst to activate it? im really confused there?
3rd: High Fill Primer time. I already have 1/2 a gallon of Nason 2k high fill primer, Can i use this, Then wrap the car w/ The nason Epoxy line So-Called Sealer/Primer.? But its just a primer is that cool?

4th: At what steps to apply this stuff at really. Ive been told use the primer first, then the sealer by my Dupont/Nason rep.(which i already did the whole car this way)
Then i read everyone using the PPG epoxy primer to hit the Bare metal and Bondo spots with, then Use a High Fill Primer, Block that out, Then apply the final coats of sealer. Is this Correct?
5th:Can i wait till the day i paint to lay this final sealer? will all my blocked work and primer hold up for bout 2 weeks till i can Lay the sealer and bc/cc.? I noticed One day my primer almost fadding/slowly Disappearing in spots, Which i why i sealed the whole car before winter. I drive this car everyday in all weather.

Im planning on starting my final blocking and sanding in march/ and hopin to paint in april outdoors. Hope for no april showers. :lol:
Thanks if you can help. This site rocks! Best Info yet. mwest.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2004 12:14 pm
Sorry for the delay, I've been working three cars at once and have been busy all weekend.

1) Your primer that you have can become a sealer as soon as you put hardener in it-thats what makes it a primer/sealer.

2) 2K is refering to "two-component" which means adding hardener.

3-4) Normally when shooting bare metal, you want to put either a epoxy primer or sealer (something with good adhesion), next spray your high fill primer-then do your bondo work-primer filler if any, guide coat, then you coat with sealer.

5)Yes you can wait till the day you paint to put the sealer on (I prefer to). Don't let the primer be exsposed to the weather (elements) because it will absorb moisture and cause real problems later. Just make sure you sand first before applying to release the solvents in the primer and to make a good adhesion for the sealer.
Hope this helps :) .

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2004 5:53 pm
wow thanks tricky that answered all of em lol. thanks alot man, appreciated. mwest

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