Bent Hood Rail

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In the PIC below you can see the *buckle* on the side of the rail and the adjacent *kink* at the end of where the hood hinge mounts. Not good :cry:

What this translates to up top with the hood mounted on the car is a *High Bow* at the center of the hood compared to the D/S fender. The front sits normal and the rear sets pretty normal, but the rear does not want to drop to level simply by closing the hood. Meaning I have to push that rear corner down after I close the hood (could even be a hinge problem I suppose).

Point being, on top it's not giving me kink in the hood just a deformation of the curve or an excess curve.

DSC_1596 by Larry Madsen, on Flickr

this is a closer view looking straight across the rail ... the kink is clearly visible,
DSC_1594 by Larry Madsen, on Flickr

I need ideas on how to cure this?

What comes to mind for me is to cut across the kink, then pound out the side buckle and press the rail out straighter and then weld the cut back together.

The problems I foresee: Being sure to not *over correct* and then how does the strength of the rail hold up after said repair.

Talk to me guys ... I need some help on this one. :worthy:

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