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i was wondiring if its at all possible to paint over the existing paint thats on my car. The prior owner painted over the original paint and i will be painting over that. Its a silver metallic on it right now. there is alot of dark and light spots as if it wasnt mixed very well when he applied it, but it seems to be in decent condition could i get away with painting over it. Any info would be a big help im new at this and eager to learn.

p.s. how messy is chemical stripping

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Since the OEM finish has already been painted over once, I would shy away from painting another layer on there, especially since you said the paint job had light/dark spots in it. Maybe he wasn't such a good painter and maybe that makes for a bad foundation for your paint????

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you can paint over it as long as its in good condition and as long as you scuff it up, use a red scotch brite pad or 400 grit, from your discription of your paint with the lighter and darker spots it might be tiger stripping,

and chemical stripping is a pain in the **** you have to make sure you clean off all the residue before doing anything to it or else forget painting if you have to strip it at spots do it mechanically or manually especially if your unsure about the whole process.

good luck and i hope this helps a little
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thanx for the help guys i appreciate it

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You didn't say what kind of car it is, so am guessing it is a daily driver. As bodyguy said, the color differences may be tiger striping, which is mainly spray technique, so I wouldn't be too concerned with that. The only concerns I would have is that the prep was done properly with the last re-paint, and the film build.

Painting over a second paint job, will make the paint film very heavy. If it is chipped, it chips deep. It also chips easier. It will also close up the gaps at the doors, hood, and trunk. You want to make sure that you have the clearance you will need, to keep from chipping the paint when they move.

I have seen cars with paint so thick that you couldn't open a door without chipping the paint.


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There are millions of cars out there that have been painted three or four times either on a single panel or complete. Is it "optimum", no, but it isn't that big of a deal.

It really depends on what your expectations are. If you want a super nice near flawless paint job that has the most durablity you can get, it would need to be stripped or at least sanded real well until the second paint is gone. But if you are after a nice paint job with decent durablity as a large amount of cars you share the road with, give it a good sanding, seal it and paint it.

As long as that second paint isn't failing in some way. If you were to start sanding it and as you cut thru here and there you see that it isn't adhering to the OEM paint....all bets are off. But if it feathers out well, just sand, seal and paint.

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[thread jack]
what can you do to prevent the "tiger stripe"
i just sprayed some black primer on my car. i will not be painting over the primer. (hot rod look)
i have 2 stripes in the primer and they piss me off. i know usually with primer you sand it anyway but i'm not sanding the primer.
can you tell me what caused the tiger stripe, and how to keep it from happening? [/thread jack 8) ]

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Vegas.... "Tiger striping" is where the metalic is not layed on properly, and it leaves it in stripes. What you have is poor application from improper overlap of passes.


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Id agree with adtkart, when I shoot candy i usually overlap about 75%, the cool thing about candy is the more coats you put on the darker it gets, the down side is if you dont go into robot mode and keep your gun perpendicular to your substrate and your overlaps consistant the result is tiger stripes. AL

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ok so what happend was i sprayed closer, heavier, or something?
if i respray just those two spots will have to respray the whole panel or can i just touch up the two "lines"
thanks guys

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