1960 Studebaker Lark VIII

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I will use this as my introduction since I did not see an intro section.
My name is Aaron, my dad and I picked up a 1960 Studebaker VIII 2 door and decided to build a Land Speed race car out of it. I am attaching pics as well. We have no sponsors; hence the name “Dutch Treat Racing” check out the project on our site dutchtreatracing.com . Since we are Dutch treat we will be doing the body and paint our selves. (we did have the body primed and the chassis powder coated but from here on we are doing the rest with no experience on that kind of thing. We need to figure out how to do proper body filler work and prime/paint. we have shop space and I am thinking of building a plastic sheet paint booth inside the shop? That is me and my project which I may be using this site to search for answers to questions before I post them.
See you in the threads...
almost done
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Original look

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Hey Aron
Cool project which car are you doing the one on top has a Chopped top and custom roof the bottom one is a stock looking car.

I dont know about setting it up for Land speed stuff BUT as a Gasser? Hey they were made for that! Studebakers are very cool cars Im partial to Hawks myself but If I like Larks, Champions, and the Pick ups. Studebakers are very cool




I am partial to this white one with all its minor imperfections its just plain coooool!
Blown and injected small block or Big Block with a 4 speed OH! YAAAAA!

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