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I have delved into a 1959 Tbird, so this is what is going on and would like others experience so I don’t have to backtrack a whole lot during this. I almost have the car completely torn apart to assess repair etc. everything bagged labeled and 500+ pictures!!! What is the best way to proceed?
Engine bay/front suspension, I am going with a new motor other than the FE either a 385 series which I have or new Coyote 5.0 both automatic, may have to do some trans tunnel massaging may not, otherwise the engine bay is left untouched, both motors will fit with original mounts. Front suspension going rack and pinion in process of building this (no kits out there) with good previous experience of others, which also leads to new steering column, uppers and lowers will be painted and disc brake swap. Just so you get the idea of what’s instore up front.
Of course total stripping of paint epoxy, body repair/filler, high build etc. still deciding what color (long way off) is raven black right now, I know it’s not the most friendly of colors so it is up in the air. This is a true unibody all the way up to through the front fenders, doors and misc. body pieces prepped off car I feel these should be fitted and then painted off car and installed what is the consensus? Even the hood (which is a bear to lift off and install) and the trunk lid both of which may be better to prep and paint the undersides then install and paint on car?
All glass is being replaced should this be fitted first or install then paint car, except for the windshield which I will have a professional install, unless I feel myself and another be able to do it, not sure.
I am not sure what I am going to do with the underside, I do not have a rotisserie so will scrap best as possible and coat.
The last couple I have done I seem to do repeated steps mostly from inexperience, I know this is a long process, trying to work smarter and spend the money in a positive direction than paying for “redo’s” thanks for the input.

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Generally you will strip to the shell and then work up from there.

In your case, pre-fitting the drive train is necessary. I would be sure to fit the exhaust system also if you plan to use headers. Any modifications necessary will need to be done prior to beginning the paint stages.

I would also plan the routing of any additional wiring harnesses your new engine and any accessories might have.

If the glass fit fine when taking it out, it will generally fit fine going back in.

Sounds like a good project. Start a thread and let others follow your progress.
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Just me but doing all those mods suspension and engine transmission steering brakes electrical thats a lot of mods a lot of mods!

I would get the body work all done and in epoxy then proceed with full build get it fully running and driving then blow it apart for paint and build it back back up one more time, similar to what they show on the TV shows. There is a reason they do it this way.

Paint with glass removed after painting install the glass.
Windshields are easy, Door glass now those are just a Tad touchy sometimes! :whoops:
If I am gona break glass its either when removing it (Windshields exclusively} or when installing the door glass been my experience.
Never broke a windshield going in always when removing it.
All the glass guys I have ever dealt with will not warranty Old glass coming out OR going in! so what do you have to loose ? You can break it just as easily as they can!

Just remember do not twist or bend Old glass, Fresh glass is always easier it will take a little bit more tension before *$% ! I have broke both.

I once Broke two new ones in my sisters Pontiac Sunfire once boy she was pissed lol It was still cheaper than Glass shop wanted to install one new one!
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