Newbie 1969 torino gt Cobra Jet

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:48 am
A lot of these welds look really good.
What Brand and size/model welder are you using? is it 110v or 220v?
What wire size? Brand? and steel type?
What gas mix are you using as well?

Lots of New members here need info shared like that it helps others
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The welder is a Hobart that was borrowed from a friend. It is 220 volt, the wire is .025, just bought that at Canadian Tire. The gas is 80% argon and 20% something else.
I don't think the brand of anything is that important it just has to be a good one. I really just started welding after the car was bought a couple of months ago. Started with a $100.00 one but no mater how good you are it is very hard to weld thin sheet metal with something like that. There is some comments on welding on the first two pages.

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