1968 Plymouth GTX

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I reinstalled the fenders and aligned them with shims to the cowl surface and doors. My goal is to know what shims are needed and where so that on reassembly I am not putting freshly painted parts on and off the care repeatedly.

Removed the steering column by unbolting this plate:
Steering Column Base.JPG

Then removing these nuts and washers (not sure what that ground wire was hooked to):
Steering Column Dash Mounts.JPG

Removed the dash which has a bolt on each side it slides over as seen here, plus smaller bolts across the top along where the windshield runs.
Dash Assembly Mount Driver Side.JPG

The whole dash assembly will then tip forward for easy access to the wiring connections:
Gauge Cluster Wiring.JPG

This gave me access to the heater box which is held in place by the brace attaching to the body and 3 bolts that extend into the engine compartment area:
Heater Box.JPG

Removing the box gave me access to the firewall insulation.
Firewall Insulation.JPG

The thing that always amazes me about these older cars is how often the wiring is messed with. The picture above shows the back of the gauge assembly and you will see there are no wires attached to the panel light switch. Instead they had a homemade jumper wire connecting the leads together. Did the same thing with the ballast wires:
Wiring Balast bypass.JPG

Found numerous places where wires in the harness are cut and just left uncovered:
Wiring Issue Headlight Circuit.JPG

This connector only had 1 strand of wire left holding it together:
Wiring Headlight Lead Connection Bad.JPG
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