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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:21 am
The tricky part of doing this, is that you have to take the old bottom edge of the windshield, and move it close enough to the glass that you can put the rubber gasket that holds the glass, close enough to seal it to the glass, but still have room for the glass to be put in. The rubber will be bonded to the glass and to the body to seal it, but it is also just on the outside, since the glass goes past it to the channel. I'll put rubber cushions on the channel for the glass to sit on. The gasket will fit over the glass and seal it, as it normally does, on the top and sides of the windshield.
When you cut the roof, it gets narrower, so I had to address the quarter tops where they meet, as well as fixing some rot in the area. Lots of trimming and bracing of the channel inside the trunk too. Then on to cutting the front windshield, since it is laminated, and can be cut. Again, a tricky job, with curved glass!

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Amazing stuff right there. I have enough trouble getting them restored properly and you are building them from scratch. :worthy: :worthy:
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Agreed! your work is very impressive. I love seeing a true artist at work.

BTW, I am up for adoption, I can sweep floors, hand you tools, ask a million questions and I have no college debt. As long as I get to drive the Olds!!!!

Again, AWESOME!!
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chopolds wrote:Dennis, you've been so encouraging to me here,

No you encourage me!!! between you and Chevman I have learned soooo much! between BOTH of you!!!!!
With every one of your guys posts I learn more and more! I just wished Chevman would post more of his Projects he is such a clever metal man.

More details about the Windshield opening rebuild and how you cut the Glass to fit please???????? There was a Lot of measuring that took place to get it too fit so well.
You have exceptional skills my friend you blow me away!

Maybe you should look into making some videos to sell?
I bet if you had detailed this wind screen reshape and Top chop youd have easily sold the videos to have made a few hundred grand! I have a Case of record able DVD's I would gladly donate all you would need is a Good Digital Video recorder some Video editing software and a DVD Burner and your making videos with your name on it! to sell!

The real money in this business is How too!!!! not doing the work Not selling the finished product. look forward to your next post!
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