Painting a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07... or at least trying..

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So I've been working on turning a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07/MT-07 into a dedicated track bike. I've been documenting the work via small YouTube videos. I finally reached the point of painting..

I made myself a dedicated paint booth in the garage, prepped the body work, and spray the bodywork. Having a dedicated paint-booth that I could work out of would be wonderful.

Few things I need to work on or am really open to suggestions... I need to work on my taping skills. There are a few places that paint bled though. My lines aren't the greatest because of this. I also used tac-cloth between coats. I must of bought some cheap Tac-cloth as it would leave small pieces of the cloth on the bodywork and me not realize it.

When it comes to cleaning up paint lines between different colors does everyone simply wait till the clear coat and then cut/polish in order to minimize the feel of paint on top of paint? I've thought about sanding the bodywork with 1k sandpaper and then doing a few other coats of clear as I've seen others do. But really curious how people go about this.

Here's the links to the paint-booth build and actual painting itself. Given that I will be painting more bikes down the road and plan to tackle a car, recommendations and suggestions are certainly welcomed.

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