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Here is my project car. The goal is a fun weekend driver paint job/restoration.

I have the body fairly close and want to get it into some High Build primer to start blocking it out. My question today is more about the cockpit. I painted some SEM Rust paint on the floors, sanded all the other areas, and ready to seal it. My thought process is to give it the wipe down and add reducer to my primer for a seal coat. The doors, trunk lid, and hood are ready for high build primer.

1. Should I take the sealer through the jams
2. Should I spray body color before I start blocking the body
3. Should I reinstall the panels before blocking
4. Regarding the panels, spray the inside first, flip it and spray the outside.

I know I can do it my way and get it done, I also know there is my way and the right way. So, any input is appreciated.

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What SEM Rust paint did you use? please post a pic to a link for correct product.
The SEM products I have seen are Rattle can? Don't want to give bad advice.

I use Epoxy first on all bare metal myself then scuff and then go to filler and Hi build primer, spray a reduced coat of epoxy to seal IF necessary then Base coat Clear coat. Way easier simpler system less products to buy less compatibility issues. almost fool proof with a good air compressor and a good air filter system.

Another way is with Acid etch primers if rust is an issue, instead of Epoxy then go strait to Hi build primers and filler on top. problem is Filler adhesion on primmer isn't very strong.
Any filler work should be kept to a Bare minimum just a skim where needed.

Filler doesn't like Acid etch so you cant put it over filer or under the acid etch it has to have a regular Primer used to seal the acid etch.
Acid etch and Epoxy don't get along either, So if you use Acid etch you cant use epoxy and if you use epoxy you cant use acid etch.

Acid etch primer is a cheaper faster way to go but it is a little more touchy about how you use filler and sealing primers and sand through's.

Either way you go avoid using Rattle can or other 1K products! or 1K Spot fillers as they tend to react negatively when used with 2K products causing lifting, wrinkling and mapping issues.
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