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Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:29 am
by Doright
Glad the injection worked for now What does the Doc think?

That's kinda weird about the The Stangs front suspension Wasn't that Hi performance stuff you bought for the Front?

Seams to me I put a Front end together a while ago with the same Problem cant remember if it was Ford Pontiac or a Mopar but it was an Incorrect Part or how I assembled it incorrectly with mine. It was a simple fix after I realized what I had done But shimming didn't correct it. cant remember what exactly what the deal was but One of the wheels was an inch or so forward or back.

Finished up rebuilding Skips Turbo 350 for his Truck last night just have to put the Pan on it and install the Governor and cover. I started it before I left for New Zealand Ended up Taking apart like 5 or 6 times making sure of things rechecking stuff Would of finished it But Calvin side tracked me Trying to fix booth VW's Air conditioning systems, Got his working with a New solenoid mine needs a New Pump. He liked my VW so much he went out and found an Identical one to mine same model and year.

I got most of the Vetts engine stuff back from the machinist he hadn't installed the Bushing in the crank for the clutch and upon inspection of the heads the Head guy hadn't put a Back cut on my intake valves so I couldn't pick up the heads and My Cam wasn't in nor was The Rocker arm Trunion rebuild kit yet or my lifters, I should have everything This next week though and I can then start on that fiasco. Once I get the Vett running I am gonna put the VW down for some much needed maintenance and rebuild.
I am gonna replace a Lot of parts on it like the Struts, AC pump, Valve job, Turbo and repaint it. Like to replace the Radio and speakers as well. Not sure I need to rebuild the whole engine it only has 300,000 miles on it but it defiantly needs a valve job.
My Machinist has done a couple of them says the Guides go bad but hasn't seen one with a Bad bottom end yet.

Today's clean the shop day and finish up that Tranny start back into that Firebird.
I want it done and gone.

Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:58 am
by rjuhasz
Once I get it all in paint I'll take the front end apart, it's all new performance stuff. Pretty sure the springs are wrong so that's probably why it's sitting several inches too high. Not sure about the wheel, wasn't like that before. I went to a car show and checked out some stangs, they all had the left front wheel about 3/8 - 1/2" forward of the right but mine is more than that.

Sounds like you've been plenty busy since you got home.

Got started on some painting, my camera doesn't show the color very well, looks really orange with the flash and very dark without it. It's a much brighter red than these pics. The door is just the jambs painted



Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:04 pm
by Doright
Looking good you got to be getting excited to see some color back on things???

Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:11 am
by rjuhasz
Excited and relieved that I'm finally getting somewhere. Still have a little fitting to do with the rear valance, they fit horribly so I started modifying it some time back. Also I had to replace the front grill shell with the headlight buckets with a repop so that may take a fair bit of fiddling. It's too bad everyone used pot metal for a lot of these type of parts, pretty hard to fix. Otherwise most everything is ready for paint, just need a final sanding on the body itself and some final checking of the body lines on the doors and fender to make sure they're straight and tight.

As far as the back injection, supposed to be good for 6 or 7 months so we'll see, worked instantly so if I have to get one every once in a while I can live with that.

Can't remember what year your vette is, how much power are you hoping to squeeze out of the rebuilt motor?

Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:30 am
by Doright
I picked up a old 98 with a Blown motor for cheap a while back.
I just Put a new crank in it, Measured the Bores all was good with a Light honing so rerunning the old pistons with fresh Rings Recon the Rods with New ARP Bolts. Fresh Timing chain New Hi Vol oil pump and I am rebuilding the Rocker arms with new Trunions. The heads I Ported my self and Polished the combustion chambers had my machinist Put a Three angle valve job on the seats and Valves and a put and additional Back cut on the Intake valves to blend in the angles real nice. Adding a Mildly Rough Cam and a fresh set of lifters.

I think the engine was rated at 350-400 hp originally I am hoping to be close to 500 after tuning is done, I am hoping to get away with just increasing Fuel pressure to the fuel rails with an adjustable Fuel regulator BUT I may have to buy new injectors and a New fuel pump before its over all depends on the Tuner and what it does on chassis dyno.

My Machinist Builds lots of LS engines several a week, he says I am or will be at 500 or very close My Intake manifold and Injectors are my set back right now, I will be damned if I am gonna pay $1000 for a LSX Plastic Intake manifold right now and I don't want one of the cheap China made ones either. If I get 450-475hp out of it I will be happy for a while.

I am really wishing I had held out for the LS6 build but I was looking at a Minimum of 12K too 15K into the build closer to 15K before I would be happy with it. after Figuring out how much the build was gonna cost I Decided to just have fun with the LS1 for a while and sell it buy another car with the LS6 in it.

I did some serious thinking about sleeving my Aluminum LS1 to a 4.125 bore with Darton Sleeves but I would have as much if not more into it as a Race block and a Good Iron LS6 truck block with a 4 inch bore can be found in the Junk yards cheap so I decided against it as I can Change cams and go with a Pro charger super charger and Make power up the wazzoo for way less money in the long run.
I just want to have fun I am not trying to prove I am a great engine builder or anything like that any more. Anyone can build a great engine and anyone can spend more and go faster I have nothing to prove to anyone. I guess i am just getting old lol

Plus I got other toys I want to get done the Plymouth in particular been way to long its been rotting away sitting out side.
I am gonna put a very hi compression 500 cube Stroker kit in its 400 block that ones gonna be a Monster! its gonna be a Race gas only build! They sell race gas out here at the pump.
I ported out a Nice set of heads for it and Have a Huge cam for it, its a Flat Tapit cam The biggest Comp Makes off the shelf thinking about **** canning it and going full Roller instead at the time I bought the cam I didn't want to be doing Valve adjustments all the time so I got a hydraulic flat tapit cam Now I am kinda rethinking it as My goals & expectations have changed.
Gonna be a Blast going to Walmart in it!

I am gonna take it to the Track and not gonna be happy till I get it into the 9s with a full interior! If it wont do it all on the Throttle I for see Nitrous oxide in its future lol
Maybe some Nitro Propane before its all over not sure yet.

Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:22 pm
by rjuhasz
We just got back from a few days away, went to see the Stones, I think I'm getting too old for concerts. Trying to get out of there at the end with 50,000 other people and not a taxi to be seen wears me out.

If you can get close to 500hp cheap that sounds good to me. I wouldn't pay a grand for a plastic intake either, don't they make some sort of aftermarket upgrade for that kind of money? I'd have to really love the car to drop a 15K engine into it.

I forgot about your Plymouth, is the body and paint all done?

Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 10:16 pm
by Doright
No its got to all be redone been sitting to long

Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:22 pm
by Doright
Well had a great weekend this week. didnt get as much done on the bird as planned but I did get the tail panel back on it! all welded back on....

It only took me how many years? lol :cry:

I got to get this thing done, the good news is Skip is back we started doing his truck while I was taking a break here and there helping him with the tear down of the truck.
76 Scottsdale 4x4.
Got the bed off and tore down, got the front clip off and tore down and the engine out. I already rebuilt the tranny for it. the engine was a good running 400 but the rest of the truck looked like heck.
Its got a 4 inch suspension lift and a 3 inch body lift just gonna clean it up and repaint everything should look cool when done.

Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:00 am
by Doright
Got the Cab off of Skips truck yesterday and rolled the frame out side to wash it then Blast it clean before Painting it. I am gonna make a frame to mount the Cab on one of my engine stands so I can replace the Rocker panels on booth sides.
Not sure its gonna work but gonna give it a try.

Re: The BIG project thread

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:32 am
by Doright
Made a cab mount to mount his cab to one of my bigger heavyer duty engine stands had to make a third leg to keep it from tipping over, I guess it works? gets Cab hi enough to work on floor/Rocker repairs but cant roll it over or anything. It will have to do.
That was last week this week started drilling apart some rocker panels I cut off an 85 Cab I cut up a few years ago to try to salvage parts for his cab. What a waist of time! There really on there! I must have drilled out 100+ Spot welds and still cant separate the outer rocker from the inner rocker. Only way to do it is to destroy the outer I think.
I'm gonna have to buy panels for this one, There available and not all that expensive hes just gonna have to cough up some cash.

I will be back on Fire bird today try to finish up Trunk extensions and wheel wells, maybe start on the Cowl panel removal or start assembling my LS motor havent decided too much to do these days. i been hitting it hard out there in the shop past few weeks and NOTHING is getting done.