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PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2022 8:58 pm
Well I got the Corvette going again Main Belt still chirping new Harmonic Balancer (a Dorman Product) complete junk wobbling and belt is chirping/squealing mildly.
AC and heat works good after repairs.

Got new Door skins for VW and installed them still need to install new bumper cover after Blow out on left rear tore my original off.

Went to Doc last week about my shoulder got Cortisone shot been going to therapy in between care of wife but its not getting better.
Wife doing better she keeps pushing herself I have to keep telling her to give it time its not gonna get better over night nerves take time too heal.
She has a Lot of shooting pain down her legs doesn't seam to be getting better.
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Really shouldn't have pain shooting down her legs after the surgery. Shouldn't be anything hitting the nerves. Sure hope that changes.

I moved the ebrake handle from underneath to mounted on top. Nothing much to it but the aluminum trim ring doesn't fit this way. Can't say I'm very impressed with the Lokar folks, they didn't think this through at all. So I went and bought a piece of 1/4" aluminum to make another larger trim ring. Just another stupid thing to do that could be avoided if the manufacturer cared about their products.

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