Removing Old Door Seals

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:53 am
55 year old Econoline Pickup!

Replacing all the rubber and felt parts in the doors this winter.

Door (to body) seals are old, dried out, rock hard!

Other than heat gun anybody got any other tips for removal?

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:19 pm
Hi Mark
I am not familiar with a 55 year old Econoline truck but I have done some Old Fords, Lincolns and chevys and others over the years.
Door seals can be held on by Metal staples screws and plastic push in clips along with being Glued on.
If you can wait to remove any of your old stuff until new ones arrive! DO SO! This helps identify what your dealing with and how it will be held on, AND You find out whats available and whats NOT available! A lot of times with vehicles this old your dealing with UNATTAINIUM and believe me its better to know this before hand rather than latter !
A lot of times especially with the Old Fords, Chryslers, Pontiacs the original stuff just isn't available in the after market yet or ever and your forced to use what is available and doesnt match or work perfectly and in a lot of cases IF you had known that you could have reused your old piece instead of throwing it away or damaging it while removing it thinking I will just get a new one only to find out its not available.

I am putting off starting a restoration on a 57 Chrysler till I get ALL my seals, doors, glass, and trunk once i have every thing or better yet whats fully available as He has some that are special order and has them made then I will start but until I get everything from the one and only supplier Gary Goers my project is on hold.

There is another Place Plasticsteel Or rubber steel? cant remember there name but its something like that any ways they specialize in hard to find rubber too and will make some stuff on special order as well.
A lot of times these specialty rubber shops know what is and whats not available what can be made what cant be made economically and what to use in place of what as it may not look original but will work in a pinch just because no other alternative exists.
Such as the window seals on my Chrysler I can pay triple and wait for originals or I can use another BUT I have to cut and Glue two sections together with Urethane on the corners not something I really wanna do on my window glass in my opinion but I think you get the point i am trying to make.
Good luck with your project
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