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I have a body repair where under the drip edges of my car's roof have started to rust and produce holes. When it rains water enters the headliner and drips onto the front passenger side floor.

After wire brushing, grinding and sanding the area to remove as much rust as possible from the exterior. I was thinking of repairing with sheet metal. However my welder is 240 AC/DC and where I'm working on my vehicle I only have 120 VAC and no 120 vac welder.

So after looking around at various body fillers I decided the next best method to repair would be fiberglass matt and resin.

The only problem is I want to treat both the interior and exterior of the rust holes with a rust preventive paint such as Chassis Saver or Miracle paint of which I have on hand.

Rust prevention paint such as these are designed to go on rusted as well as bare metal surfaces. Most work by locking any rust making it air-tight so no oxygen is able to reach the metal and rust thus help prevent oxidation that causes
iron oxide.

I have a Evercoat 637 kit with 3 square feet cloth, 8 oz resin and some hardener.

The instructions specify "Don't apply resin mixture over painted or finished surfaces, it won't adhere."

I was thinking of ruffing up the rust paint before attempting to applying the fiberglass resin with cloth, but need a second opinion as I haven't worked much with fiberglass.

I was thinking of using some body filler such as Bondo 272 Bondo-Glass Fiberglass Reinforced Filler however the holes are I think too large to use any sort of filler even if it's reinforced.

Anyway I suppose I could skip the rust paint and just apply the fiberglass resin and matt however I'm thinking moisture will more easily reach the metal increasing the likelihood of more rust.

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So they threw you over here, huh? Okay, so yeah, fiberglass has got to go on clean roughed up painted surfaces. I'm not real big on what you are trying to do because of more "where" this is at than anything else. Also, I'd probably be using an epoxy resin rather than the stock polyester stuff. Something like West Systems is going to be stronger and definitely seal the area from air/oxygen.
Honestly, metal would be much better for what you are doing but I do understand why you would be hesitant to do it......
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