Painting Box truck metal to fiber glass

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2023 3:33 am
Hi I was wondering if there would be any color differences or any material differences I
Should use painting a box truck the cab is steel metal the box part that I’ll be painting
Will be fiberglass is there any difference in the way the paint will turn out as far as color
On the metal and fiberglass thanks for any suggestions I’d like to get this done right one shot it’s a lot of truck to have to redo.

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You can use the same paint but alas just the way most of these big box shells are made.... the color will look different. The fiberglass on most of the cutaway style box vans is just not finished out to great degree in the first place. It's worse as it ages too. Heat cycling makes the surface get more of a fiber texture. Considering the use that these trucks get I'd go ahead and do all the steel up front in the factory code white, then just use a decent bedliner in a white on the box.....
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