C6 corvette hood repair or replace

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I have a 2008 corvette. It suffers from the adhesive used to bond the hood together bleeding through and causing the paint to peel and flake off. The question is, would this hood be salvageable, or should I buy a good used hood? Can I sand down to the base material and seal with epoxy sealer/primer, or another way.

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Had a 2006 Vette myself.... Considering how many of those cars are on the road I think I would at least "look" for a hood first. Try, car-parts.com and get area specific information in your search. I've found a lot of hard to find parts that way.... drive shafts, doors, fenders, hoods, trunk lids. You certainly can rework that hood, just might be easier to find one.... Just remember that's not regular fiberglass, it is SMC (sheet molded compound).
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As Darrel said thats a SMC hood NOT Fiberglass not sure why the underlying material is eating away at the paint? my old C5 is not doing this. I am at a loss as to what would cause this sort of damage.

I also be looking at a good original replacement rather trying to save it, just because of cost of repair materials to repaint it.
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Wow that is very odd. I have a highly modified C5 with a blower and an iron block. Oil / coolant temps once went to almost 300F (was an overheating issue / fan malfunction), the hood showed no sign of any degradation. The car was Magnetic Red, which is a 3 stage paint apparently.

I would just get a good oem hood...

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