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I am trying to paint my fairings and was told to use bulldog adhesive promoter first. I asked them if I should sand off the paint underneath and they said no just scuff it and go. Well I did that and the paint underneath is now bubbling, only on the pieces that I had tried to hydodip prior.
Can I just sand the bubbling parts and reprime, or should I entirely sand down the parts and start over?? Any help would be great. Thanks all

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not sure really what you are saying ?

you Hydro Dip some stuff then try to paint over it ?
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Is this a motorcycle? Could you post some photos?

I'd sand/scuff and epoxy the whole thing if it just a bike fairing. At least you would have a nice even color base.

But you should post some photos with a little more explanation of your previous steps.

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OP, how long after hydro dipping did you start painting?

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