Need to reprime for cut thru on urethane bumper?

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I am working on a 1989 Mustang front bumper. Scuff sanded with 220, then washed with soapy water. Applied adhesion promoter, then sealed with 2 coats of Transtar 2K epoxy. Next was 3 coats of grey chroma base 4 to 1 primer filler 7704S with 2.0 tip. Blocked with 220, followed with 400 wet sanding. Guide coated before each. I cut through a few spots down to the epoxy (black). In another spot I went right though all of it to the urethane. Do I need adhesion promoter over the bare urethane before repriming that spot? More primer needed overall, or just spot prime the cut thrus?

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Just spot prime the problem areas.

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