A bit confused with basics with fiberglass.

Anything goes in the world of fiberglass and plastic

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DarrelK wrote:Honestly, that's kind of a complex shape for someone to make that has little experience in working with fiberglass. So nope, foam is probably out for you. I think doing it as a 2 part piece build up would work though. You could lay up the front flat piece making it fairly thick with 2 to 3 layers of matt. Next you could lay up the side piece flat, not doing more than maybe a layer of matt. That would allow this piece to "flex" to get your contact when you attach it to the other piece. You could just tack that piece in place with super glue and then move on to addtional matt to secure it permanently and build up the thickness as needed..,

So heres the result with 3 layers of fiberglass , so i have the mold now , just need to cut arround more , so as i said it is 3 layers now to make it like 8mm its gonna be like 15 layers ? is that really the proper way of doing it ?

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