Fleece Texture on Fiberglass Project

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t63conv wrote: Yes, the third pic is the final product. Your outline above was what I was planning but I was surprised by the texture of the fleece. I dont think I would use this again

You are on the right track to get your rig going, don't stress over it. These one off pieces take time to do correctly - at least they do for me as I am a rookie weekender hack that has to do stuff multiple times to get it right. - I've been doing fiberglass on and off for a long time as I used to buy old jet boats and convert them to full stringers blah blah blah.

Get some fiberglass mat and resin, plan on sanding, filling, sanding etc. You do need to get your base fitting correctly prior to covering, not prepped for paint but real close. That red dash has no foam under the leather.

If you are new to wrapping pieces, use vinyl and a heat gun - on low! Little as heat as possible!

....IF you were asked to make a dash pad similar to the first pic, what would your steps be? Not repair, but make a 2nd one.

I'd start by filling the original with fiberglass cat hair, body filler etc and splash a mold. then layup a new dash cover in fiberglass. Screw up the fist couple ones, make mods and spend way too much time on it. Then I would only post my finished products here on this site!!!!

The cool way to do it would be to fab it out of sheetmetal. But that takes skills that others on this site do have but is out of my wheel house (for now!).

Good luck, post pics and don't be afraid to ask the experts on this forum questions. Listen and learn, screw up and learn, repeat repeat repeat - hopefully getting better along the way!!!
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