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Hello all, I recently purchased a set of fender flares for my 09 Chevy Tahoe SSV. I would like to paint them to match the color of my truck. I would like to do them the best that I possibly can. I was planning to get an LVLP spray gun and a base coat & clear coat kit. I've read a bunch of articles and watched a few videos, but I'm still a little bit confused about what to get for products to do them. Can anyone help me out with what adhesion promoter and proper primer to buy. I know the kit i have been looking at is GM 8624 Olympic white acrylic enamel basecoat with a lacquer clear coat. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

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It depends on the flares you purchased. I believe some come ready to paint, others you will need to prep first.
Check the information on the product you bought.

As for paint, I would suggest a urethane base coat and clear coat rather than enamel and lacquer. Automakers moved away for enamel and lacquer a long, long time ago.

Check to see what Paint Code the manufacturer used on your vehicle. This will help you get very close to the original paint color, though it may vary slightly due to the age of the original paint.

I order most of my products online, now days, since local jobbers have limited brand selection and are usually overpriced.

These guys will have all the products you need and be able to give you sound advice.
I have them trying to match some paint for me right now. ... -and-audio
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