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Welcome to

It's my hope that you find great value in participating here. Here are some important tips:

1. Your very first post will be held in an approval queue before being made public. This is unfortunately required due to spammers who attempt to litter the site. The hold time is usually a couple of hours, and no more than 24 hours. Please do NOT post twice; be assured that your post will be put into the forum -- once it is reviewed.

2. Please be sure to review the rules: Click Here for the board rules.

3. Please use descriptive titles when you post. Everyone needs please don't use a title like "I NEED HELP". All that will do is give you less of a chance of having one of our other members actually help you, and it makes it harder for folks to find your topic when using the search tool.

4. Before you ask a question try out the search tool...especially the advanced search. One (very cool) feature of the advanced search is to search within the first post of any of our thousands of topics. That way, if someone did use a non-descriptive title, you still have a reasonable chance of finding what you are looking for.

5. Photos can really help show what you are dealing with. Click here for photo attachment instructions.

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