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First, refresh your cache in your browser by hitting ctrl-F5 (for you PC users) on your keyboard. Others, please clear your cache however you normally do so.

I've made some changes to the site, the culmination of a couple of weeks of work and a ton of testing on a variety of devices - so I hope I have everything covered. I needed more control over the layout of the site, to better support mobile devices. Here is what has changed:

1. If you are using Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or IE9 -- and your screen is set for anything 1150 pixels or more in width, the site will center on the screen in a 1150px wide window. This helps folks on really wide monitors not feel like they are reading a billboard, which can cause fatigue over time.

2. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, or your screen resolution is less than 1150 pixels wide, the site will attempt to fill the screen from side-to-side (this was the old, default behavior). This should make people using older devices happy -- like if your screen is 800 x 600 (if you have a screen like that, put down your 8-track player for a minute and go buy a newer monitor :lol: )

3. I made some minor aesthetic changes, for example the containers on the main page, and the fade-out borders on the margins.

Simple stuff but some delicate brain surgery under the covers. If this causes anyone problems please let me know by posting in the Forum Usage Q&A forum


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