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Folks, I am privileged to announce that JoAnn Bortles will be participating here at, as her schedule allows. JoAnn has a genuine desire to give back to the up and coming painters out there, and to share her years of experience as one of the most sought-after custom painters in the automotive and motorcycle customization field. She is a true airbrush artist and is also an author of several custom painting books.

JoAnn has won numerous awards for her work including some of the top custom painting awards in the country. In 1998, 2005, and 2012 her work won Best Motorcycle Paint of the Year. She has won PPG’s Top Five Most Outstanding Paint Awards. Her work has taken home many Best of Shows and First Place awards around the World, including several “Best Paint” and “Best of Show”, at the Goodguys Car Shows. And many Best of Shows and First Place awards at the Easyriders and Harley Davidson Bike Shows.

Visit JoAnn's website to see examples of her work and additional information about the services and products she offers:

And...stay right here to ask questions or learn from the information JoAnn graciously offered to share with us. Welcome, JoAnn! :-)


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Very impressive, and what a great addition to the site. Welcome JoAnn and thank you for your time.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:35 pm
Welcome JoAnn

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Thanks I am glad to be here! Hoping i can help anyone who has issues with custom painting. I have been painting since 1979, no idea how many paint jobs i have done. Never kept track of it. But custom painting can make a person crazy, the margin for error is very slim. You can do the same thing over and over and then suddenly something goes sideways and you're left wondering "Huh? What did I do wrong?" Was it equipment, material, or painter error?
Well this is the place for you. I've made every mistake you can make in painting and I'm constantly inventing new ones. I've written 6 books on custom painting, I wanted to name them, How not to custom paint, but my editor wouldn't let me. So chances are if you have a problem, I know the solution, cos it happened to me.
Looking forward to helping painters not lose their mind when things go wrong.
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welcome and cool beans!!! air brush work is something h=i have been wanting to get it to, i have an 83 f100 im doin a ground up resto on and want to do something different/unique/subtle on the paint( wont be to that stage for another year) so dont be surprised if i swmap ya a lil myself with questions. beiungs how i got a year, im gonna have time to practice, but i think i may want to get some supplies first, like maybe an iairbrush to start with :knockout:
this really is an awesome site and thanks chris for all the work you do.

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Very glad you have joined us. I have an Iwata airbrush that has been sitting in the cabinet unused for well over a year because I am afraid to try anything with it.
My artistic abilities seem limited to drawing stick people.
I like when the airbrush is used to give depth to lettering or stripes making them appear to be raised or floating. Maybe you could start a thread on something very basic for total beginners like myself?

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Welcome, JoAnn! Most of my airbrush experience is with furniture but cars are the fun stuff for me. Really nice of you, Chris, to recruit such a pro for this. I have seen her work in person at shows and trust me, guys, she knows her stuff. Man, now I need a project!
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'68 Coronet R/T wrote:Maybe you could start a thread on something very basic for total beginners like myself?


I second that!

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:welcome: :welcome:
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awesome work! the woodgrain paint is some of the most impressive to me! welcome!! :clap:

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