How much for boat paint jobs professionally? Ballpark figure

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:53 pm
What is the MOST one should expect to pay for aftermarket custom two-tone paint here in the greater Sacramento area in Northern California? This would be for a typical late-model (2013+) aluminum multi-species fishing boat, 18-foot long with an outboard. The two-tone paint would be from the gunwale down to the water line. Nothing too fancy. Not like checkering or racing graphics. I don't believe in wraps as that seems cheesy. I have don't own a boat yet but I am trying to work out a paint budget. One shop here in my area won't give me so much as a ball park figure unless I physically bring a boat in for him to see in person at his shop. I think this guy is full of it if he is as "experienced and knowledgeable" in marine painting as his website claims. Another shop refuses to answer my emails. It is a daunting task to try to budget aftermarket work for a boat that does not yet exist in my possession. I really don't want to pay more than a fair-market price for aftermarket paint. I have never had a boat professionally painted before and know no one who has. If somebody here has had a boat professionally painted here recently, they could be quite helpful.
Let me ask another question: suppose I find a local dealer that has a boat I am interested in….if he thinks I am serious, might he even let me trailer the prospective boat to one or more local shops for a custom paint estimate BEFORE committing to any boat purchase? I could even offer the dealer a C-note for this privilege.
Also, might custom aftermarket paint hurt my hull warranty if the hull is still under mfr. warranty?
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Usually "modifications" are pretty high on the list of reasons why OEMs will not honor a warranty claim.

I can understand why nobody will quote you a paint job price on a boat that does not yet exist. Nobody who has been in business for more than 10 minutes will quote a job, even "ballpark" without seeing the thing. When the actual boat shows up and it is different or more challenging (for whatever reason) than was first described most people will be married to the price the shop quoted and pitch a fit when the numbers change.

I'm not saying you would be like that but this is what these guys have to deal with...

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