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I've painted my valve covers Ford engine blue and wanted to go over the embossed Ford emblem in white. What's the best way to do this? I tried a few different detailing brushes the best was a thin one I had cut down, but it's still just not perfect enough for me not at all even. What's the secret to this?

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Is It Raised or Engraved?

Either way I would mask it and Spray it then mask off and spray the other color.
You can Brush it too but I like too But I like the looks of Sprayed personally.

If your working with Aluminum and Have sanded of original Protective coating you should treat bare aluminum with Alodine before Painting to keep corrosion in check.
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There is a much easier way that works for raised lettering.

Prep and paint the letters in the colour you want and then apply 2 coats of urethane clear. Don't worry too much about overspray over the rest of the piece, but don't do more than is necessary to fully cover the letters.

Wait a few days or a week until the clear is fully cured then lightly scotch all except the tops of the letters and spray basecoat in the colour you want the rest of the piece. Before the base has fully dried get a piece of low lint cotton cloth and wrap it tightly around a small block of wood, ensuring that at least one face has no creases or folds. Wet that face with thinners and rub the block over the raised letters, removing the colour you don't want and exposing the clear, which won't be affected by the thinners. If you hold the block flat then you'll get a nice sharp edge around each letter.

Tack, blow and apply 2 coats of urethane clear.

Sunken letters can be done just the same, but in reverse, although there's a lot more wiping off.

All a bit moot, given that OP asked the question some 15 months ago. :shocked:

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