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hi everyone,
Quick intruduction.
My name is benjamin, i live in belgium and repair bikes after my dayjob.
I have been doing this for 1 year now. I also paint the damaged area of the bike.
This is where i need some help, I am curently using 1k spray cans from motip.
I find these very easy to use because i am painting a small area and dont need the clean a gun when i use then cans. I seal everything off with a 2k clear coat so its beter protected.
This works very well for me but some bikes have a logo that needs to be repaird.
When i spray the bike with a base coat(everything is 1k from motip, only my clear coat isnt)
i let it dry for 1-2 days and than i put the stencil (810S oramask)that i made with a plotter on the bike and spray the color that the logo needs to be.
When i remove the stencil the paint from it sticks to the bike. I dont understand it. I have removed it after 30 min or after 1 day and its always the same. I have to remove the sticky glue from the bike and theres always a little that cant be removed.
I am thinking of buying a airbrush and switching over to createx waterbased paint.
But i just find the spraycans very easy in use so if i can keep it like things i would reather keep the cans.
Any tips are very welcome.
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hmmmm i may or may not be understanding you right.

you spray the bike with 1k aerosol

you let dry

run a graphic through your plotter

apply graphic and paint and remove mask.

im not familiar with the paint you use.

is it basecoat or enamel ?

what i would do is spray your tank color

clear with some very cheap 2k clear

let dry a day or two

sand 800 apply spray mask, paint mask, unmask and clear

to me it sounds like your vinyl is too strong or when you spray your mask you are making everything under it wet again
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Sounds like you are trying use regular sign vinyl, if so the adhesive will give you nothing but problems.

Follow Painter Dave's steps, get some clear (after it is well dried) on there prior to your stencils, and use a good masking something like Artool or FBS Gold.

Shoot some untinted intercoat to seal your tape/stencils, wait til it dry! then shoot your colors.

Call or email the guys at SoCal's Coast Airbrush and tell them what machine that you have.
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