types of paints for artist to use on motorcycle gas tank

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hi! I'm wanting to have my artist friend do a custom design on my motorcycle gas tank but I'm not sure what kinds of paints would work. I'll spray the urethane primer (and maybe a base coat) but wondering if he can use his normal art store acrylic paints that are normally used on canvas. after that i'd spray a clear coat over the top. any pointers/suggestions/advice (for or against) appreciated... thanks

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No. Use automotive base caot paints, or even water based air brush specific paint, like Createx. Anything else will get ruined when you put clear over the artwork.

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As ChopOlds said, use automotive style paints.

Do all your prep, lay your base coat and then shoot some clear over it.

Let the clear dry then sand with 800/1000 and give it to your artist buddy to lay the art on. It is tons easier to fix any screw ups.

Check with Coast Airbrush in So Cal, they can mail order EVERYTHING that you need and is run by a really good guy that supports artists big time. They have some ready to spray setups if your buddy is just going to do one job. https://www.coastairbrush.com/categories.asp?cat=11

If you are near, go by their shop in Anaheim, it is an awesome place.
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