Whip hose connected to turbine

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I have a 6 stage and I'm setting up a cooling bucket with a 50' regular garden hose. I did a test and the heat at the turbine may be too much for a regular garden hose. I'd like to put a regular HVLP hose between the turbine and the garden hose and a short whip would be the best choice in length and usability but I'm not sure if it can take the heat either since it's designed to be at the gun. Figured I'd see if any of you had experience or suggestions with this.


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Derek, we use a regular heavy duty rubber garden hose connected directly to our 6 stage turbines with no problems at all. I get those at Sam's Club at 100 feet and cut them to different lengths..... Yes, the hose will get hot but it will not distort/melt at all. Another thing..... if you are going to run 50 feet I doubt you will need the cooling bucket.
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