So Why Am I a Moderator of the Turbine Systems?

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So, I only know of a handful of people that are left that have been working with turbine systems since they first became popular. This is now my 42nd year in the wood, metals, and plastics conservation/restoration business. I've been shooting with them this entire time. Here is a reprinted background on how I started....

It's funny it was 1980 and our new wood restoration business had been open about 6 months or so. We were still doing hand brushing/ragging of coatings and I was just looking into spray equipment. I grew up around air compressed Binks/DeVilbiss equipment. All I could think about was, "Man, we are going to be going through 5 gallon buckets of wood lacquers like water if we set up like this." So I met a guy at a wood touch-up school that was bragging that he could use his French air sprayer loaded up with black lacquer and you could put your hand next to his spray pattern and not get anything on your hand. Two weeks later I arrived for a "demo" of one of these systems out in Wisconsin. Guys told me to wear a white t shirt and white or light colored jeans. The system was a French Volumaire turbine setup. You actually strapped the turbine to your left side hip and had a 4 foot long hose coming behind your back to the special gun. An extension cord came off the back of the turbine for power. They let me lacquer an antique pressed back chair for the demo. I had NO overspray on me at all and they were using a minimal exhaust fan for the area. Pulled off my mask and I could barely smell anything in the air, just the chair itself with it's new coating..... I bought a system that day and sprayed 15 pieces the next Monday with just a few gallons of lacquer..... I was hooked.....

So today I currently operate with a built-in hard plumbed 6 stage in my wood shop and also have a 6 stage unit that is portable. These are scratch built systems which we fine tune for our purposes. On the shelf sets my old 2, 3, 4 stage units that we upgraded as better turbine motors became available. I have 6 Sicmo, 2 Sprayfine, and some odds and ends from old Capspray guns. My shop apprentice is also currently running one of the new Avanti guns (private label from Harbor Freight) with a 4 stage turbine. My 6 stage portable turbine is used with the Sprayfine gravity gun for my automotive shooting.

I am a moderator here because....there is probably few people that have actually sprayed as much wood, metal, plastic, brick, tile, porcelain, etc., using lacquer, acrylic lacquer, catalyzed lacquer, conversion varnish, enamels (tree based and synthetic), urethane/lacquer, butyric acid modified lacquer, epoxies, auto base coat, intercoat clear, and high solid urethane clears WITH A TURBINE SYSTEM...... When I was younger I shot about 30 to 40 hours per week and still shoot about 10 to 15 hours per week using turbine system..... I can help you because I make a living with these systems.....
Metal, wood, fiberglass, we work it all... We can restore the irreplaceable!

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