Fuji HVLP / Spray Gun Recommendation

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Sorry about that but TP still shows all Sicmo guns in their ads ( you'd think they would change them wouldn't you???). Darn shame they got into the clone guns, too. Not saying that the clone guns won't get the job done but the Sicmo guns are just better quality and more durable. American Turbine is a fine company to deal with as well. I think they call that gun a 225 series gravity gun. I do have other sources for Sicmo guns as well, prices will be about the same through almost all of the vendors.
Funny story on these guns. About 7 years ago I was at a tool auction and found a box of torn down dirty Sicmo guns. Nobody else recognized them so no one else even put a bid on them. I got the box for $25 and had myself 3 complete guns! Even had left over needle packings.
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