Painting a motorcycle with. 8mm touch up gun

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Has anyone painted their motorcycle tins with .8mm touch up gun? I also have a 1. 4 mm gun but it's pushing the limits of my compressor's cfm, but will this be an issue since the passes are short? Compressor is 7. 5cfm @40psi and gun needs 7-9 cfm. Looking for some advice thanks

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Is it possible? Sure, I've done whole bars with a little Star S2 0.8mm.

Not easy though, With that size needle and fluid tip there isn't a lot of paint going through so it's difficult not to end up with dry areas. Open fluid right up and turn the air down so you're not drying the paint before it even hits the panel. Ensure consistent overlaps and distance from the surface. You may need to overthin the paint a little.

These days that little Star is only used for very small jobs, like parking sensors, or to mist the silver metallic over black for shadow chrome - something that it excels at.

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