Big Compressor Sale over at Eaton

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Okay, so before anybody starts complaining/crabbing I cleared this with Chris, our commander in chief here.... Go to If you hit the Products button at the top all of their compressor models pop up. Look at the right end of that whole thing and you will see a sale for "cosmetically challenged" models. Now you will have to call them to see what is available. I talked to Megan there in the office and got a sweet deal on a 80 gallon 7.5 hp with their new Silencer system installed. It was there private label EMAX series which they sell through Northern Tool and a few other places. Guys, I'm telling this was a real legit deal on this model. All factory warranties intact, shipped to my door, liftgated, already built (not ordered) for $2000. They also did the invoicing with a Paypal bill with NO additional Fees. This let me tap on PayPal credit and I got 0% 6 months same as cash. My wood shop apprentice is buying my current 7.5 hp CH model so my whole net cost on this deal is like $1500. Megan did mention this sale also included some larger 3 phase models. If you are doing any kind of blasting those would definitely be worth a call.
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