70psi at compressor regulator to get 23psi at gun?

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tomsteve wrote:something to think about:
33 gallons is 4.4 cubic feet.
oiless compressors run HOT. HOT= major moisture problems.

I have a small water separator at the gun and have this at the compressor:
https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07 ... UTF8&psc=1

The blue desiccant beads do turn pink after each day of spraying so I make sure to start with blue beads. Not good enough to remove most moisture? I am only planning on spraying primer (poly first and then urethane). I am not going to spray the base or clear, bringing the car to the pros for that.

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box986 wrote:The blue desiccant beads do turn pink after each day of spraying

Your getting way to much water! you need a water trap.
Your Desiccant filter is the last step in filtering, it should last a very long time between drying it or replacing it.
I have had mine for over a decade and only ever dried my media once and I have never replaced it, its always nice and Blue.
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