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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2023 5:16 pm
I see many post on here where folks say I want to paint my car in my garage so my question is why? If your intention is to paint many vehicles over a period of time I'd say maybe worth it, but consider the risk like lawsuit happy neighbors. If your only considering doing your classic you'd like to keep I get it, but I'd suggest an alternate approach.
RENT a booth. I know this won't be an option for everyone but i recently did a car and I rented a professional booth for 250 dollars day had another one offered for 1000 for the weekend. If you've prepped you car properly should be a cakewalk, plus look at the positives clean moisture and oil free air, enough compressor power to do it right, proper drying and overall a pretty clean process. Just a suggestion, but it's worked for me on several projects thus far.
Best of Luck

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As you said, not for everyone, but an excellent solution. Saves time, money in setting up and fans etc. and is safer as well as offering the benefits you outlined.

$250 a day? I'd better pull my finger out and build this new booth of mine. :happy:

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