Air vantage DA Sander

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Just started using this sander for final sanding and primer smoothing.It uses very little air so if you have to paint in anther bay it doesnt eat air pressure up.I think it sells around 180.00 but anyway I havent layed it down since purchasing it.Very good tool... :happy:

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From what information I could gather the Airvantage for all practical purposes is a Dynabrade knockoff. Don't get me wrong, the Airvatnage is an excellent quality made air sander just like the Dynabrade. The main guy that designed and started manufacturing the Airvantage sander was an engineer that used to work for Dynabrade and went out on his own. Both Dynabrade and Airvantage are excellent top of the line air sanders. I have a Dynabrade 6" palm sander (along with around a dozen other air sanders) but the Airvantage is a good tool.

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