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Hey new here with a big problem. I got a HF gun the outher day to shoot a tractor. It was going great got the hood and fenders done and started to spray the hubs/rims. Well just to say that did not go well.

It has started to bubble thru the cup and spittin sputtering. I have cleaned this thing were there is zero paint on ANY thing. I have took the packing nut out cleaned it and lubed it. I have try everthing the fulid tip is on tight as well as everthing eles.

I read in the book that it may be the air ajuster screw? Any body got a ideal on this I would say I have sparyed with it 4-5 times at the most, I know there crappy made but I should get more than 5 sprays out of it?

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You didn't say what HF gun you have, but I assume it is gravity feed not suction. If it is back-flowing (bubbling in the cup) you have a restriction in the fluid delivery somewhere. Could even be a piece of manufacturing debri from the drilling process. I,ve been there too. Not a pro so you don't want to spend a lot for a gun that you will use once a year or less. I recently bought a Devilbis Finishline, a lot more money than HF but still not expensive and very versitile. It was like I had been working in the dark and somebody turned the lights on. And I had probably wasted more money on material using a bad gun than the new gun cost.

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