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PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:12 am
I am looking for a new professional HVLP spray gun, nozzle dia. 1.4 mm. replacing my old SATA 3000 B

do you have any idea for other brands that give best spray and saving quantity paint?

thanks in advance

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:55 am
You might try the Sagola 4500 Extreme. Nicest gun I've ever used and the finish is excellent. There are 4 air caps available, Clear, Aqua, LXT1, and Hvlp. The machining is so close, there are no soft gaskets to wear out. I've used the Satas and I think the finish is better with the Sagola. No financial interest, just a happy customer.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:05 pm
Normally I am a devilbiss guy all the way. But recently I have tried the iwata lph 400 1.4 with the silver cap. Personally, if paint savings and high quality spraying are your concern I'd go with the Iwata LPH 400. The gun sprays at a lower pressure than all the others I have used and creates an unusually low amount of overspray. Transfer onto the panel is great and paint savings are top notch with this gun.

The draw back with the gun is that I definitely have to move slower. My devilbiss plus really hoses it on the panel and I have to move quickly. Or I suppose I should say, "I get to move more quickly."

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:20 pm
I have to ask,,,why do you want a HVLP?

I cant stand them!,,any of'em.
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Most spray guns with approved high efficiency or HVLP caps will transfer 65%+ of the paint to the intended target surface.

The best value for the money right now seems to be the DeVilbiss Tekna Pro Lite (also known as the GTI Pro internationally). Very good atomization and fan pattern shape, and the coating makes cleanup (especially waterborne materials) pretty easy.

My $0.02 worth.

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