Sagola 4600 extreme vs Devilbiss GFG-670 plus

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Sagola 4600 extreme vs Devilbiss GFG-670 plus has a starter all around BC/CC gun. Any opinions? I've also been told to consider the CA Technologies Techline II.

It will be used as an hobby in my backyard garage. I want a gun that I will not want or feel the need to replace after the first few jobs. First job will be a BC/CC with metallic on a daily driver. I intend to build my skill level up with jobs that do not require a perfect finish until I feel comfortable to spray a antique restoration. I'd prefer to do this with same gun I buy now.


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I m also new to the game. Just starting my third restoration. I have heard about the Sagola 4600 extreme, but cant seem to find it anywhere to purchase.

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Len uses and sells the 4600. Go to the autobodystore forum and his store.

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