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I am looking to make a spray gun purchase. I have minimal spraying experience limited to primers. I am looking to purchase a used or new gun to spray base and clear. I would like to spend in the 200 range. This will be my first base/clear coat so I am not expecting perfection. I would just like to do a better quality job than I can get out of my cheap guns that I use for primer. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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a used SATA jet 2000, 4000 or 5000
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Sata is a great brand.

I'm not a pro.

I bought all of my guns used on evilbay. I spent just less than $200 for each of mine. I have a Devilbiss Tekna, gfg-670 Plus gun, and SRI pro. All spray great. Devilbiss may not be the best, it's easy to get a great finish with them.

I don't need another gun, but I'm interested in trying the ANI R150 mini gun. It's around $160 new.

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Devilbiss FLG5.

$108USD plus a bit of freight is ridiculous for this gun which is worth every bit of $300 plus. Only downside is that it's 1.4mm so you may need to throttle the fluid back a touch. Other than that I really can't fault it except that like most Devilbiss guns it needs to be cleaned carefully, especially in the neck where the pot screws in.

I have an ANI R150 with 1.2 setup. Definitely sprays really well for a small gun but I'm not sure that it's built strong/well enough for the everyday use that I give it. For the price it was pretty good value, though.

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I have some expensive guns and some cheap guns, they all spray
well enough to be solely used, but for the money,
the DeVilbiss FLG 4 kit is a real value. It's about $250
and comes with all the tips you'll ever need, even a big 2.2 that's
great for poly primers.
I use the 1.3 for base mostly, it does base better than any gun I have.
It's a heck of a value. ... rCase.html

(It's not custom painting-it's custom sanding)

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