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Hey guys,

Been in my apprenticeship for about 4 months now. Been looking at buying some guns and ended up buy an Iwata W-400LV 1.3 for Base/Sealer, a Tekna Quickclean w/ 1.3 for Clear/Base (I personally feel that this gun is more of a clear gun judging by the amount of material it lays on), an Air-Gunsa HTZ w/ 2.0 tip for primer, and probably my favourite gun out of the bunch my beloved Devilbiss Plus "Aces Wild Edition" w/ 1.2-1.3-1.4 that I sort of use for everything besides base.

My question is this.. am I using these guns for what their ment for? I've been doing a lot of research and am led to believe that going by how technology is constantly getting update with the material and tools we use today, the Plus gun seems to. E a little "out dated to be an everyday clear gun) I've also read that the Quickclean is more of a base gun then a clear gun, and that the Tekna Copper or prolite would be the better way to go for a bonfied clear gun. Please correct me if I'm wrong. All information is welcome! And thanks for having me!


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SATA jet

SATA jet

SATA jet

sounds like youre doing fine, its hard to give gun recommendations sometimes because it can all boil down to opinion.

i train to use SATA only i dont allow my painters to paint with anything else.

but for you my advice would be buy what you can afford and keep it clean and take care of it, it really comes down to muscle memory to be a good painter, the more you do it the better you will get
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PainterDave wrote:SATA jet

SATA jet

SATA jet





SATA are great guns for experienced painters but for an apprentice the Devilbiss/Iwata choice is probably the better one.

OP, from what I can see you're generally using those guns in the right applications but a lot comes down to practice as Painter Dave suggests. Grab an old panel and divide it in to 3 or four sections and spray clear on each section with a different gun, properly set up but with essentially the same technique. Have a look at the results and see which one you prefer. Try it again with a different technique and then again with the same gun but slightly different settings.

Sometimes different guns are better for peel matching - for example I have a Devilbiss that is really good for that heavy peel European finish, while an Iwata is much better for the flatter, drier Korean/Japanese style. Consider your clear, too. Some guns work better with MS clears while others are more suited to HS.

I have a Star S4000 that I originally bought for base/clear but it was a disaster for both. Yet it's turned out to be the best gun I've ever used for 2K or enamel and also works well for acrylic clear.

Get to know your guns, their strengths and weaknesses, and build on that. Maybe later add a midi gun and a mini for smaller and very small jobs, respectively.

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