Recommendations for a DA for Cut and Buff

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I've got the same Snap On Dave has. It's great. You can get them new on eBay for less than the truck. It's built by Sioux and the Sioux version is much more price competitive, about $225-250. I've also got a 3" Mirka because it was on sale and couldn't get a 3" Snap On on eBay at the time. It's good too, same quality as the Snap On/Sioux.

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Lenny You should avoid Machine sanding the clear in my opinion Shoot the clear like you want it to look with NO Orange peel.
Its easier to denib and take out a couple of runs by hand And Hand sand then just Polish your clear. Machine sanding clear may sound great and sound like less work But all those Sharp body lines on that mustang are gonna get Thin real Quick and then when you start the Buffing chances of burning through are Multiplied.

As long as you start your hand sanding within 48 hrs it aint bad and it goes quick.
Buffing takes forever to get right.

By the way I like this head kit from Dynabryde ... 11979.aspx
I have one on one of my Variable speed Buffers It Buffs Nice and slow, Very hard to mess up paint buffing with it. I let my kids use it to help me Buff out paint, none of them have ruined any Paint jobs yet with it. it's very forgiving, and you'll produces Zero Hallo effect with one of these as well, that's what I like most of all BUT It. but is Painfully slow compared to a Rotary with Wool pads.
I am a Old school buffer who Likes his Twisted Wool.
I just cant get used to how it polishes, I like the super fast results of the Rotary.
I don't Like the Hallo's you can get from one though!
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