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Hey guys,

I know using rustoleum products isnt encouraged here but I thought Id try using them on a little project car im working on. The only problem is, the Rustoleum automotive enamel clear coat I need isnt available anywhere in Toronto or apparently in Canada. Unfortunately I dont have a passport at the moment (expired) or else I would make the drive to buffalo myself to pick some up at the home depot. All of the places Ive checked that sell the it in the US dont ship to Canada. Also, I know I could use other clear coats but I would rather stick with Rustoleum just to be safe compatibility wise.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Somewhere im not looking

Or is anyone willing to be a proxy for me? (Will be compensated)


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I've had very good success using regular rustoleum pro reduced with up to 20% acetone and then adding Majic brand hardener. Sans clear. .

Used it on wet docked boats with about a three year life, next to boats with interlux that lasted about five years in the same conditions.

Believe it or not I've seen several reports that rusto clear wasn't compatible over rusto. Something to look into.
I have however used Mathews over rusto without issue.

Rustoleum automotive enamel appears to no longer be available anywhere that I can find except in rattlecans and they have switched the whole autobody line to acrylic lacquer.

I'd look into the majic hardener, the new rusto automotive line or dupli-color paint shop.

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You do not need a passport to drive across to Buffalo, ny from Ontari, only an Ontario driver's license. Check with US border security.

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