Thoughts on the ATOM X21

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Doright wrote:Only guns I would seriously look at are
Devilbiss (upper end guns)
And in that order

Almost agree.
Devilbiss - because I now have 6 and they've proven themselves in daily use.
Iwata - because I have 3 and they're just so reliable, simple and easy to clean.
Star - have lots and they're just like Iwata. Simple and reliable.

All the above have good parts support but bear in mind that the Devilbiss guns need seal replacements a bit more often and parts here can be a little more expensive. The plastic air spreader can be a bit fragile and the seal behind it needs periodic replacement. I've not yet had to replace any part on any of my Iwata guns while the Stars have had one fluid tip (because I dropped it) and a couple of seal kits which is pretty good given some of them are getting towards 20 years old.

I've left SATA off the list not because they aren't good guns - they are. But because entry level prices of around $1000AUD and up to $2000AUD for all the bells and whistles is, even for me, just over the top. Compare to a Pro Lite which goes for $500AUD with 2 fluid tips, or even a special edition Iwata WS400 Supernova which I nearly bought recently at $800AUD. My distributor still has them and I'm still tempted - just so sexy. :wink:

Getting back on topic, agree with the recommendations to go with brands that have the build quality and parts backup. Cheap guns may last one, two three or even half a dozen jobs but eventually they will fail and having to replace negates the apparent bargain. Two $260 guns is more than one Pro Lite, which, with care, should last a lifetime.

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