Quincy QT-54 compressor experience

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 12:30 pm
Researched this site and didn't find too much current info on compressors.

I'm looking to purchase a compressor for my garage and current project, and this particular model Quincy QT-54 has pretty good specs, reviews, and an affordable price tag ($1299) compared to the cheaper box store Campbell Hausfield, IR and Husky.

Anyone have experience or suggestions?

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looks ok to me its has 15.4 CFM @ 90psi that's not bad I wouldn't want to go any lower Baldor motor is a name brand, you should be happy with it around the shop. I have an old IMC that has 17.5 cfm at 90 psi and it does everything I want from running a pressure sand blaster to 2 da's at the same time.
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