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Hello everyone, I am completely new to the autobody end of things and decided that this year I strip my car down to bare metal to get rid of the surface rust and lay down some epoxy primer to seal the metal until I can get around to painting it. I was thinking about using a LVLP gun due to compressor size until I realized I know somebody that has a towable air compressor that I could use. Do you guys think it would be a good idea to have that feeding my air tanks to be further regulated down to use a HVLP gun? Another bonus of using that compressor would be that I could set up an air horn in the garage to move air.

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Sure, why not. It's probably more than big enough to handle any spray gun and would have its own tank as well.

Test it first to be sure that it's delivering clean, dry air and don't worry about connecting to your tank(s).

Forget about the air horn idea. Extraction fans work better and don't blow crap on to your job.

Oh, and get an RP gun, not HVLP. Better finish, better transfer efficiency and less air used.

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